XzentriX 2024

XZENTRIX is a Computerparty for people who believe in a life beyond office-software.

This is not a normal demoparty where a few users try to top the others by pure processor-power. It is a party for people who love their computer more than their wife (and kids, and dogs :-) ).

Following you'll find a list of the main systems we expect at the XzentriX this year. Ofcourse you can take other systems with you, too. But please, leave your PC at home...

Finally a get-together for:

Apple I/Apple II*
Acorn BBC
TI 99/4A

...and every other system which nukes 8 bit through the databus.

XZENTRIX shall be a big party for computerfans. This, of course, can only be achieved, if a lot of people attend.

The meeting takes place in a big Hall in Seeshaupt/Germany. Although the hall is big space is limited and we have to limit the number of visitors. So apply for participation soon to make sure you get in.

To keep our own expenses at bay, we have to take an admission fee of max.10 Euro (~15$) for the three days.

Overnight accomodations are available. You can sleep at the hall or in Hotels near to the hall - whatever suits you better.

Take your computers with you!

XZENTRIX 2024 takes place


Friday, Aug. 30th 2024,~3:00 pm


Sunday, Sept. 1st 2024

XZENTRIX takes place in Seeshaupt/Germany.

Seeshaupt is about 40 km south of munich. You can reach it from the munich airport by train or car.

If you can't make sense of the directions given in the frame to the right, contact us per email.

If you have questions regarding XZENTRIX, you can contact the following persons.

Robert Sterff
Bahnhofstraße 14

82402 Seeshaupt

Tel.: +49-8801-2615


Stephan Herold (Sommer)
Am Ock 1

82418 Murnau

Tel.: +49-8841-672232


eMail: caveman@xzentrix.de

You can reach Seeshaupt by car:

Participate on the following contests:

... ofcourse there are a few, small prices to win


You can send the following form to one of the contact persons.

You can print the form to send it by letter.


By sending the following form, I state my intention to participate in the XZENTRIX 2024.

II acknowledge that I've noticed the admission fee of max. 10 Euro (~$10).


Name: ____________________________________________


Street: ____________________________________________


city: _______________________________

country: _______________________________

Telephone: _______________________________


eMail: ________________________________________


overnight accomodation:

( ) locally (sleeping bag)

( ) I'll find a overnight accomodation by my self

day of arrival:

( ) Friday, Aug. 30th 2024

( ) Saturday, Aug. 31th 2024


Date, signature: _____________________________________________________